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Bare Tokes

Bare Tokes Matrix Percolator Bong | 8 inch

Bare Tokes Matrix Percolator Bong | 8 inch

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Here's the 8 inch Bare Tokes bong that's equipped with a matrix barrel percolator, it includes many features that you want in a bong. Made from 5mm Quality borosilicate glass. As smoke draws up through the many slits it creates maximum diffusion and filtration, so you dont need ice. It also contains an 14.4mm female joint, a thick rounded base, flared mouthpiece, and a bent neck for the perfect angle. This glass pipe includes an 14mm male bowl and coloured accents on the mouthpiece and bottom base.

  • 8 inch
  • Matrix percolator
  • 5mm Quality borosilicate glass
  • 14.4mm joint 
  • No ice needed
  • Available in a range of colours 
  • Bare Tokes 

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