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Bare Tokes

Cascade by Bare Tokes - Gravity Bong / Hookah Pipe

Cascade by Bare Tokes - Gravity Bong / Hookah Pipe

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Bare Tokes brings you the Cascade gravity bong / hookah pipe rig. The advanced 360° gravity system allows you to rotate the bong/hookah pipe, creating forced air flow creating the ultimate contactless experience. The hour glass globes are made of borosilicate glass and easy to assemble and disassemble which makes it easy to clean and maintain. The design is so stylish it wouldn't look a miss on your coffee table when not in use.

Why the Gravity Bong is an outstanding piece of kit

The Bare Tokes Cascade Gravity bong uses an advanced 360° gravity system that allows you to rotate the bong / hookah pipe creating forced-air delivery making unique a contactless experience making this water hookah pipe ideal for parties and social events.

A Bong made from all the best materials

The Cascade Gravity Hookah is made from anodised aluminium, making this waterfall hookah solid but lightweight. The hour glass globes and 14mm bowl are made of borosilicate glass making this bong look stylish. This rig can last a life time with the right maintenance. It packs away nicely in the original craft box for safe storage and transportation.

What can the Gravity Hookah be used with?

The Cascade gravity bong can accommodate hookah, dry herbs and concentrates making it a great gravity rig.

This top-of-the-line contactless sensation is created by rotating the bong/hookah pipe using the sophisticated 360° gravity mechanism. The borosilicate glass hour glass globes are simple to assemble and remove, making it simple to clean and maintain. When not in use, the design is so fashionable that it wouldn't seem out of place on your coffee table.

This product is intended for use with herbal and molasses-based hookah blends only. Please note that this hookah pipe is designed for recreational use and is not intended for use with tobacco or any tobacco-based products. Our hookah pipes are nicotine-free

Please use this product responsibly and in a manner consistent with its intended use. 

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