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Frequently Asked Questions

All about Rolling Papers

What are Rolling Papers?

Rolling papers are used to create roll-up cigarettes, blunt wraps, or weed joints and can be crafted from various materials, ranging from organic hemp to rice. To make a joint, all you need is your dry herb, rolling paper, a rolling tray, and a lighter, and you're ready to go. Rolling papers are available in different sizes, such as small single-wide papers to king-size rolling papers, catering to different preferences. A Bong Shop also sells them in various flavours, adding a touch of spice or fruitiness to your smoke. For those seeking cleaner options, we offer unbleached rolling papers and ones without additives.

What should I Consider When Buying Rolling Papers?

When purchasing rolling papers, three key factors should be taken into account: material, flavour, and size. Different rolling paper materials, such as paper, rice, clear cellulose, or organic hemp, can provide varying rolling and burning characteristics. Some offer increased durability, while others add additional flavour to your smoke. It's worth experimenting with different materials to find the ones that suit your preferences and deliver the best smoking experience. Hemp, rice, and paper each have distinctive flavour profiles, and some individuals may have a preference for bleached or unbleached papers. Other materials used for rolling papers include wood pulp, flax, and esparto.

What's the Distinction Between Blunt Wraps and Rolling Papers?

If you desire more than the natural flavour of your dry herb or tobacco, flavoured papers infused with fruit essences are an option. Popular flavours include strawberry, grape, green apple, watermelon, and more.

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Does A Bong Shop have Rolling Paper Flavours?

In contrast to a joint, which is made of dry herbs wrapped in a thin sheet of paper, a blunt is wrapped in tobacco leaves. Some people like blunts because they deliver both the benefits of the pot and a nicotine rush from the tobacco. However, it's widely agreed upon that smoking with rolling papers is a more hygienic and healthy practice.

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