Collection: E-Nails and Electronic Dab Devices

Venture into the next generation of dabbing with A Bong Shop’s selection of e-nails and electronic dab devices. Say goodbye to traditional torches and embrace the precision and consistency of modern technology. Our range promises rapid heating, accurate temperature control, and a safer dabbing session, ensuring you extract the most from your concentrates. Whether you’re seeking the purest flavors, dense vapor clouds, or a seamless integration into your existing rig setup, our collection caters to both novices and seasoned dabbers alike. Dive into the future of dabbing with A Bong Shop and relish in the unmatched convenience and quality of our electronic offerings.

Frequently Asked Questions

All about E-Nails and Electronic Dab Devices

What does an E nail do?

An E-Nails and Electronic Dab Rigs have revolutionised dabbing by providing a consistent and adjustable heat control for vaporising concentrates. Unlike traditional methods the E-Nail/ E-device maintains precise temperature making sure you get an optimal and consistent dabbing experience session. It also eliminates the need for torches and guesswork in heating making it a safer and more efficient choice for concentrate enthusiasts.

How do you use the e nail?

Although all E-Nails are slightly different, using one is easy
-Connect the E-Nail to its power source or if using an E- Dab Rig just turn it on.

-Set your desired temperature on digital interface or in some cases an app

-Allow it to reach the set temperature.

- Once reached the temp you can start dabbing

-Inhale the vapor through the rig enjoying a precise and flavourful dabbing

What is the difference between e-nail and rig?

A Dab Rig is Glass piece (including the glass, nail or banger, and any other components) used for consuming concentrates. An E-Nail however, specifically refers to the electronic heating element that can be attached to a rig. It replaces the traditional manual heating method (like a torch) with a digitally controlled heat source for the nail or banger.

How long do enails take to heat up?

E-Nails /E Devices have quick and efficient heating times. On average, an E-Nail takes about 1 to 3 minutes to reach the desired temperature. This duration can vary slightly based on the model and the temperature you set it at The rapid heating not only saves time but also gives a consistency.