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Our collection of dry herb vaporisers, meticulously curated for novices and seasoned connoisseurs offers a range with something for everyone. From budget-friendly to premium brands our vaporisers boast cutting-edge tech features, ensuring a seamless experience. Explore and find the perfect vape to elevate your herbal journey.

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Frequently Asked Questions

All about Dry Herb Vaporisers

What's so special about dry herb vaporizers?

Dry herb vaporisers work by heating herbs without burning them by using either convection or conduction methods. Preserving the terpenes – the compounds that gives cannabis its unique aroma and flavour. They also feature accurate temperature settings, this precise temperature control can enhance the extraction of the herbs active cannabinoids; Reducing the amount of herbs used, making these devices a practical choice for herb enthusiasts.

Are dry herb vaporizers good for you?

While dry herb vaporisers are considered a healthier alternative to traditional smoking methods due to the absence of smoke and reduced production of harmful byproducts, it's important to note that no form of inhalation is completely risk-free.

Are dry herb vapes less potent?

The potency of the vapour produced by dry herb vaporizers can vary depending the temperature setting and the quality of the herb. Lower temperatures tend to produce milder effects, while higher temperatures can lead to more potent vapour. But compared to traditional smoking methods vaporisers may deliver a cleaner and more intense experience

Is a dry herb vape better than a dab pen?

The choice between dry herb vaporisers and dab pens largely depends on personal preference and the desired experience. Dab pens are designed for concentrated forms of cannabis, like waxes or oils, and are known for their potency and immediate effects. In contrast dry herb vaporisers are for people who prefer the natural state of the herb, offering a different spectrum of flavors and effects.