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The Penguin Vaporiser

The Penguin Vaporiser

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Discover the Penguin Vaporiser: a nod to its adorable namesake in both design and functionality. Its compact, penguin-inspired silhouette, complete with a contour-rich mouthpiece, isn’t just for aesthetics — it's ergonomically perfect for an unparalleled vaping experience.

This nifty Penguin Vaporiser, tailored for dry herb aficionados, offers both style and efficiency. Standing at a discreet 10cm tall and 2.2cm wide, it's not only pocket-friendly but also a breeze to handle. Its sleek blue finish subtly masks its power, making it seem like your everyday vape.

Harnessing the power of a full-ceramic oven, your herbs are treated to full convection heating. The ceramic oven stands out, not just for its durability but also its purity, ensuring every draw is rich in authentic flavour. No more mid-session stirring; its even heat distribution takes care of that. Ready to vape in just about 30 seconds, the Penguin offers a spectrum of 5 temperature settings, ranging between 180 – 220°C (356 – 428°F)  Whether you're in the mood for a flavour filled casual session or chasing those clouds for an intense hit, Penguin's got you covered.

Step into the future of dry herb vaping with the Penguin Vaporiser.

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