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Experience minimal effort and maximized results with our premium cannabis grinders. Discover smooth, fluffy grinds that intensify flavour and enhance your sessions.

Each grinder in our selection promises a seamless, efficient, and enjoyable grinding experience. From the classic twist-and-turn manual grinders to innovative and more traditional designs , we cater to every preference.

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Frequently Asked Questions

All about Grinders

What does a grinder do?

A grinder is an essential accessory offering a quick and effortless method to finely break down dry herbs while preserving the integrity of the trichomes. This ensures that both the potency and flavour of the herbs are maintained.

Does a good grinder make a big difference?

Absolutely, investing in a high-quality grinder is worthwhile. Better grinders deliver a consistently uniform grind helping to improve airflow and an even burn.

Do you need to grind herb to smoke out a bong?

While not essential, it's advisable to grind your herb before using it in a bong. Grinding results in a more even and efficient burn, which in turn can offer a smoother smoking experience.

What's the point in grinding herb before use?

Grinding your herb increases its surface area giving you a more uniform distribution of heat when smoking or vaporising. This process allows for a more effective extraction of Terpenes and Cannabinoids.

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