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Bare Tokes

Bare Tokes Apollo

Bare Tokes Apollo

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The Bare Tokes Apollo Grinder marries the art of ancient grinding techniques with the precision of modern innovation. Engineered to crumble your herbs rather than just shred them the distinctive milling process is gentle on your herb maintaining the integrity of trichomes to ensure potency and flavour which are upheld while yielding a lighter, fluffier product reminiscent of traditional grinders

The custom-designed milling screen of the Apollo ensures an even and consistent grind transforming your herb into the ideal consistency; not too fine and  no half ground remnants to sort through. Embrace the future of grinding with the Bare Tokes Apollo, where heritage meets high tech for the ultimate session preparation.

  • 1 63mm Apollo 
  • Kief Screen and scrapper
  • 1 Gift Box
  • 1 Year Warranty
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