Collection: Pipes and Bubblers

We have smoking pipes, glass spoon pipes, luxury pipes and bubblers with a variety of designs and colours. We sell our favourite spoon pipes, Sherlock bubblers to the extremely durable unbreakable silicon pipes, all the classic and original smoking devices for the old school and all types of toker available. Often used for portability and simplicity and usually come with a carb hole to clear the smoke if needed.

To use simply pack your legal smoking herbs into the bowl chamber, light with a flame and go!!


Frequently Asked Questions

All about Pipes and Bubblers

Which pipes and bubblers should I choose?

A Bong Shop’s specially-selected collection features a wide range of smoking pipes, glass spoon pipes, luxury pipes, and bubblers in various designs and colors. Whether you prefer our favourite spoon pipes, Sherlock bubblers, or the exceptionally durable unbreakable silicon pipes, we have all the classic and original smoking devices to cater to both old school enthusiasts and all types of tokers.

Why invest in a bubbler?

Bubblers are often favoured for their portability and simplicity, usually equipped with a carb hole for clearing smoke when desired.

How much water should I use in a bubbler?

Bubblers operate similarly to bongs. To use, fill the chamber with water and place your tobacco or dry herb mix in the bowl. It's recommended to loosely pack the herb for optimal airflow and combustion. Position your lips on the mouthpiece and cover the carb hole if your bubbler includes this feature. Now, ignite the bowl, inhale the smoke, and enjoy a relaxing experience.

How does a bubbler work?

The amount of water to fill your bubbler varies depending on its size. In most cases, you only need to submerge the downstem. If the downstem is not submerged, the smoke won't travel through the water, resulting in a dry pipe-like hit without any diffusion. The water serves to cool down your smoke for a smoother experience.

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