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Bare Tokes

Bare Tokes 10inch Incycler Bong

Bare Tokes 10inch Incycler Bong

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Bare Tokes 10" Incycler Bong Enjoy cool and smooth hits with its efficient internal recycling Perc and the Super Slit Doughnut Perc featuring a bent neck with small hole in the mouthpiece designed for maximum flavour.

This is Ideal for both dry herbs & concentrates, crafted from durable borosilicate glass. The ultimate must have piece for all connoisseurs and collectors. 

  • 10 inch
  • Incycler with Super Slitted Doughnut perc 
  • Small mouthpiece for max flavour 
  • 6mm Quality borosilicate glass
  • Quartz Banger and Bowl included
  • 14mm joint 
  • No ice needed
  • Bare Tokes 

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