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Aztec Bong | 8inch

Aztec Bong | 8inch

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Get your ultimate smoking experience with our exquisite 8-inch Borosilicate Glass Bong. At the heart of its design, the 14mm bowl slider slots into the fixed downstem diffuser ensuring smooth and filtered smoke enhancing the flavour and potency of every hit.

The Aztec mandala design makes this not just any glass piece but art, the decorative marble exterior adds a touch of beauty that is ideal for experts and collectors who have an eye for unique pieces. 

  • 8 inch 
  • Fixed downstem diffuser 
  • 7mm Quality borosilicate glass
  • 14mm bowl
  • Aztec mandala design 
  • Blue stem with intricate aztec pattern 
  • Purple hues 
  • A Bong Shop 


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