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Shroom Bong | 6inch

Shroom Bong | 6inch

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This enchanting piece standing at a compact 6 inches boasts a captivating display of light teal mushrooms sprouting from its perforated percolator. Each mushroom is intricately crafted, not just for visual allure but also for enhancing the filtration process.

The magic doesn’t end there – the bent neck’s mouthpiece is adorned with bands of color, perfectly harmonizing with the mushroom motif. This thoughtful design detail adds an extra layer of charm to the rig.

Function meets fantasy in this delightful bong. Its size makes it ideal for both home use and as a portable companion for your adventures. Experience the perfect blend of whimsy and functionality with our Mushroom Glass Bong – a piece that’s sure to be a conversation starter and a beloved part of your collection.

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