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The Ultimate Dabbing ProPack: The Essential Bong Kit

The Ultimate Dabbing ProPack: The Essential Bong Kit

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Brokoli Rolling Trays | Small (Design)

Introducing the Ultimate Dab Session ProPack:  The Essential Dab Kit, your comprehensive gateway to elevate your experience designed for both newcomers and seasoned enthusiasts alike. This kit not only promises enjoyment but also offers incredible value, allowing you to save money while indulging in high-quality accessories.

What’s Included:

Bare Tokes Incycler:  The centerpiece of the kit, our 10 inch Incycler combines aesthetic appeal with functionality, delivering unmatched flavour and cool smooth hits for herb and concentrate lovers.

Yocan Rex: Transforms dab rigs: electronic heating, no torch needed. Massive clouds, tailored heat, ultimate convenience. 

Brokoli Rolling Tray: These stylish rolling trays make preparation easy. Keeping your dabbing gear organised.  Choose 1 of 4 Trays designs 

 Limpuro Bong Cleaner 20ml: Effortlessly clean your bong with this 20ml sachet of Limpuro Bong Cleaner,  powerful, quick, and easy to use.

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The Ultimate Session ProPack is more than a collection of accessories; it's an investment in your pleasure and efficiency. By bundling these essentials together, we're offering them at a price that's unbeatable compared to purchasing each item separately. Embrace the full spectrum of your session.  Elevate your experience today and make the most of your sess with our expertly curated bong kit.

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