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Bare Tokes

Bare Tokes 18inch Triple Heart Perc

Bare Tokes 18inch Triple Heart Perc

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This Bare Tokes 17 inch bong is made from extra thick, solid glass that features a uniquely designed triple honeycomb heart Percolator, the percs are layered small to big so as smoke passes from the 18mm bowl though the fixed down tube it breaks up the smoke bubbles, increasing the surface area and cooling it down immensely creating the smoothest ultimate bong hit. The perforated splash guard prevents splash back with the wide thick neck allowing you to add ice which gets nestled by the ice catcher. This glass water pipe ribbed design is heavy and sturdy in your hand. A staple in your collection for years on end.


  • 17inch
  •  Heavy Triple heart Percolator
  • Extra thick quality borosilicate glass
  • 18mm joint
  • Ice catcher 
  • Clear ribbed glass 
  • Bare Tokes 

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