The Ultimate Guide to Rolling Papers

The Ultimate Guide to Rolling Papers

At A Bong Shop, we’re not only about premium bongs. We are just as passionate about every aspect of your smoking experience. In this blog we take a look at rolling papers, essential supplies for many cannabis enthusiasts as well as testing them along the way!


The Invention of rolling papers

The invention of rolling papers dates back nearly five centuries to a small village in Spain. The Roll Your Own (RYO) industry, which includes rolling papers, owes its existence to the Americas.

The tobacco plant is native to North America and has been used by Native Americans for centuries for rituals. When Columbus and his crew arrived in the New World, they encountered tobacco and brought it back to Europe

There was some initial resistance and Rodrigo de Jerez was jailed by the Spanish Inquisition for smoking.

Despite this tobacco quickly gained popularity in Spain. This sparked a brisk tobacco trade, making it America’s first cash crop it and eventually spread throughout Europe.


The Art of Rolling

Rolling papers are the foundation of a good joint. They come in different materials, sizes, and thicknesses. From the classic rice papers to the modern CBD options, the choice of smoking paper influences the burn rate and flavour so making it a personal choice.


Types of Rolling Papers

Rice Papers- These are slow burning, thin sheets that give you a smooth, clean smoking experience, allowing for a pure, terpy taste. Elements are a bong shops favourite rice papers

Hemp Papers- These have become increasingly popular lately due to their eco-friendly nature. Hemp rolling papers provide a natural, slightly earthy taste and burn evenly. Some even come with a CBD infused acacia gum.

Wood Pulp Papers- Are the traditional choice, they are robust and thicker making them easier to roll with. Perfect for beginners. Although they burn quicker and can alter the taste of your smoke.

Flavoured- Papers also come in a variety of flavours  


1¼ papers are the standard for rolling spliffs because they are easier to roll and a roach fits just right. 

Kingsize papers are the most popular. They are wider and longer than the above. They are better for sharing with your friends at a sess! Puff Puff Pass!! 

Rips are ideal for the experienced roller as you can choose the length, just tear off a piece for how ever long you want a joint to be.


Benefits of Using Quality Rolling Papers

What difference do high-quality rolling papers make?

Even Burn- A good rolling paper should have an even burn, ideally slow.

Flavour- The right paper preserve the terpenes enhancing the natural flavours and aromas of your herb for a cleaner, more enjoyable taste.

Smoothness- Quality smoking papers are essential for your smoke reducing harshness on your throat and lungs.


Enhancing Your Rolls with a Roach/Filter Tip

So you have your paper and your green now time to make a roach but why?

Adding Stability- Roachs add stability to your joint and stop burning your fingers or lips.

Enhances Airflow- They help improve the airflow, making your joint easier to smoke.

Preventing Scooby Snacks- Properly rolled roaches prevent small pieces of cannabis from being inhaled.


The Perfect Roll

Mastered the art of rolling or just starting, It will take some practice, but with our expert advice and the right technique, you can roll the perfect joint every time.

Choose the Right Papers-Select papers that match your preferences in terms of thickness, size, and material.

Use a Rolling Tray- A rolling tray can help keep your supplies organised making it easier to roll

Grind Evenly- Ensure your herbs are ground for a consistent roll.

Pack Evenly-Spread your green evenly across the paper to avoid uneven burns.

Practice Makes Perfect: Don’t worry do t get it perfect straight away. Practice will improve your technique.



The right rolling papers make all the difference. As a seasoned enthusiast 😉 I know quality papers are crucial.

At A Bong Shop, we offer a range of rolling papers to suit you. From thin rice papers to sturdy wood pulp, each type enhances your smoking session!
Premium papers preserve terpenes, bringing out natural flavours of your cannabis for a cleaner taste.

Discover your favourite rolling paper in our  collections.

For more insights and products, visit our online store and check our blog for tips and guides for all your smoking accessories

Remember, the right rolling papers can turn a good session into a epic one… Enjoy the journey and happy rolling!


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