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Rolling in Style- Check Out The Best Techniques


Classic Cone:

The classic cone style is a favourite among smokers. This technique involves rolling a joint or blunt in a cone shape, tapering from the roach to a wider end. Its not only simple but also provides a smooth smoking experience as the smoke gathers and intensifies towards the roach. Use Hemp wraps for extra flavour.


For those who prefer a slender and discreet smoke, the American "pinner" style is an excellent choice. This technique involves rolling a thin joint or blunt, providing a controlled and concentrated smoking experience. Using Blazy Susan 1 1/4 size papers make a Pinner ideal for a quick solo session.

Tulips and Roses:

Tulip and rose joints are a true work of art. They are made by carefully twisting and folding the rolling paper to create intricate shapes to look like beautiful flowers. These visually striking joints are perfect for impressing friends and family or for special occasions.

Cross Joints:

If you are looking to challenge your rolling skills or feeling adventurous, the cross joint is an exciting option for you to try. This style involves joining two joints or blunts together, creating a cross-shape. We love this design and recommend our Raw Rips to get the perfect sizes.


Inside-Out/Back Rolling

Inside-out/ Back Rolling is a technique that involves rolling the joint or blunt with the sticky side of the rolling paper facing inward. This style provides a smooth and slower burn, as the adhesive layer burns more evenly. This style also looks great with no visible seams on the outside.


Rolling is an art that allows you to express your creativity and personal style. Whether your go to is the classic cone and want to try something more intricate like a tulip and rose, or just experiment with unique styles like cross joints. At A Bong Shop we encourage you to have fun and experiment with different rolling techniques, So, grab your rolling papers, let your imagination run wild, and roll in style.

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