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The History of Cannabis as Medicine - From Ancient Civilisations to The Modern Therapeutic Wonder

 Since the dawn of civilisation cannabis has cultivated a rich legacy as a versatile medicinal plant. One of the earliest known references dates back to ancient China, where Emperor Shen Nung documented its healing properties in 2700 BCE. In India's Ayurvedic medicine, practitioners have long valued cannabis for its ability to relieve pain and inflammation. Fast forward to 19th-century Europe, and even Queen Victoria was well ahead of her time, embracing the wellness benefits of cannabis. 

As the apocryphal tale goes, Sir Russell Reynolds, who was Victoria's personal physician prescribed a cannabis tincture to ease her majesty's painful menstrual cramps. Reynolds was a distinguished neurologist and forward-thinker who challenged the stigma around cannabis and while historical details are hazy apparently the royal endorsement signaled shifting attitudes toward the plant's medicinal benefits.  

History of Cannabis - Antique image of people harvesting cannabis

During the Victorian era cannabis was as a potion promising wellness in mysterious amber tincture bottles. Doctors dabbled with inconsistent potions and preparations unaware of the plant's psychoactive powers.

It wasn't until 1964 that researchers isolated THC, the primary compound responsible for cannabis' distinctive effects. This breakthrough fueled scientific interest and helped unlock the plant's therapeutic potential.

History of Cannabis

Today after decades of prohibition cannabis is experiencing a remarkable resurgence as a game changing medicine. With legalization spreading globally modern science is confirming what ancients knew intuitively - that cannabis contains powerful healing properties. Now, plant compounds like CBD and THC are being used to tackle everything from chronic pain to seizures to PTSD.

Especially for chronic pain, cannabis is proving a formidable opponent to traditional yucky pharmaceuticals and their troublesome side effects. Its anti-inflammatory and pain relieving properties offer natural relief without the risks of addiction and overdose. As science separates fact from fiction, cannabis steps into the light as a versatile medicinal remedy.

At A Bong Shop we celebrate this rich history while offering an array of stylish, traditional and  modern cannabis accessories fit for discerning connoisseurs. As views on this plant continue evolving, the future looks bright for cannabis medicine and the industry as a whole! 

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