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Will Bong Water kill Plants? Separating Fact from Fiction

One question that often arises among cannabis enthusiasts is: Will bong water kill plants?  In this blog, we will dive into the topic of bong water and its effects on plant growth. Let's separate fact from fiction and explore whether it's a green thumbs-up or a potential growth obstacle.

Bong water is the liquid that is in the bong after smoking. It contains residue from the combustion process, some ash, and potentially other impurities but some believe that it can provide nutrients for plants. We have taken a look into this for you and whilst bong water may contain trace elements, it is far from ideal for healthy plant growth. The residues and impurities in the water can introduce harmful bacteria and fungi that can harm plant roots or foliage. Never mind the PH level which is certainly not suitable for plant growth.

Using bong water as a plant nutrient source can pose risks to the overall health and growth of your plants. The contaminants present in the bong water will stop nutrients absorbing and lead to nutrient deficiencies or root rot. Moreover, the pH imbalance may disrupt the delicate balance needed for optimal plant development.


While some may argue that bong water could have potential benefits for plants, The risks and drawbacks outweigh any potential advantages. To ensure the health and growth of your plants, it is best to rely on scientifically formulated plant nutrients and proper cultivation practices. So keep your bong water away!

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