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The Complete Guide to Bong Essentials: Bowls, Bangers, and Nails

At A Bong Shop, we specially select smoking accessories to enhance your smoking experience. Here's our complete guide to how our hand-picked range of bong essentials: bowls, bangers and nails will help your next blaze. 

Bowls: Enhancing Your Bong Experience

In the world of bongs, bowls play a crucial role as the herb-loading chamber. Typically crafted from metal or glass, these accessories are essential for most bongs. All our bongs at A Bong Shop include the necessary bong bowl, but you can maximise your bong's capacity by upgrading to a larger bowl.

Choosing the Perfect Bowl: Factors to Consider

When selecting a bowl for your bong, several factors are worth considering. Load size, diameter, quality, and appearance all play a role in your smoking experience. Load size determines the amount of herbs you can pack, making larger bowl sizes preferable for those who enjoy larger hits or frequently share their bong.

Dab Bangers: The Gateway to Concentrate Enjoyment

Dab bangers can be fitted to the end of a dab rig. When heated, they create liquid vapour containing a substantial amount of THC for consumption. Unlike traditional smoking methods, dabbing involves vaporising the concentrate rather than burning the herb. Dab bangers are becoming a favoured tool among enthusiasts, allowing you to transform your bong, water pipe, or bubbler into a hybrid dab rig suitable for both concentrates and dry herbs. Explore the variety of sizes, shapes, and designs we have available.

Bong Nails: Unlocking Versatility and Intensity

Designed to withstand extreme temperatures, bong nails are accessories made from quartz, ceramic, or metal. These versatile additions instantly transform your bong or bubbler into a dab rig, enabling you to vaporise your favourite concentrates, waxes, and oils. Enhance the versatility of your bong by owning a nail or banger.

Dab / Bong Nails: Intense Vaporisation for Flavourful Hits

Similar to concentrate nails, dab nails are attachments that fit onto your bong like a standard bowl component. When heated with a butane or propane torch, they reach a red-hot temperature. Apply a small amount of concentrate using a dab tool near the nail, and watch it instantly vaporise, filling your bong with a flavourful and potent smoke. Some dab nails have tiny holes for direct smoke inhalation, while others utilise domes to capture the vapour.

Trust A Bong Shop for hand-picked dab-rigs and bowls, bangers and e-nails. We've got all the smoking accessories you need to enhance your experience.


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