What is a bong?

A bong is a device that is widely used for smoking cannabis (where legal), tobacco, or other smoking herbs which uses water and/or ice as a filtration system which cools the smoke before inhaling. Here at A Bong Shop we have lots of types of bongs. We've listed a few so check them out….

Classic bong- Beaker and straight classic bongs The Bare Tokes ‘ARMOR’ is an excellent example of the beaker bong. The armor is simple but strong. 

Percolator bong- Where do we start? There are lots of types of percolators in bongs. (This is our favourite) Look out for our in depth guide soon. 

Gravity bong-  We all remember making a bucket bong using a bucket, a plastic bottle and socket. See how to make a bucket bong. Well things have moved on since then. Introducing the sophisticated and sleekly designed Sandglas Gravity Bong 

Dab rig- Also known as a concentrate rig is often smaller than a classic bong and requires more specialist equipment. See our dab rig range to get started. Alternatively we have the dab straw so you can enjoy concentrates easier and on the go! 

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