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How to Make a Bong?

It has happened to all of us! We have ran out of skins. We are without a bong or just want to be creative. There are many reason we want to become an engineer and create our own piece at home.

Homemade bongs aren't a new thing and aren't difficult to make, with a bit of inspiration and few household goods you can create your own bong at home. If you are asking yourself “ How to make a bong?” Here's our how to guide:


What you will need

  • A clean plastic bottle. A 2 litre will produce more smoke
  • A sharp object to make holes with, we used a pen.
  • A small tube/pipe, we used a 5 inch piece of hosepipe 
  • Tin foil
  • A pin
  • Socket
  • Blue tack 


  1. Take your 2 liter bottle and fill it about a  quarter full with water
  2. Using your pen or another sharp object pierce a small, rounded hole just below the neck of the bottle. This is the carb and used to clear the smoke, for a clean hit
  3. Using your pen or sharp object again, pierce another small hole lower down, just above the waterline. This will be where your hose/ downpipe goes. 
  4. To make your downpipe fully functional just take the socket and press on to the end of the hose,
  5. To make the bowl, wrap a small amount of foil around the end and then press down gently in the centre. 
  6. Use your pin to make around 8 small holes in the foil. This will make the gauges, allowing the smoke to get through
  7. Once you have made your down pipe, gently push it into the hole you have already made (in action 3) and submerge the end of the down pipe into the water.
  8. Use the blue tack to keep airtight
  9.  Bing bong!! And they you have your homemade bong.
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